In the last forty-five years about one third of my caseload have been the children, parents or partners of Self-Absorbed People, about one third have been the Self-Absorbed People themselves, leaving only one third for everything else one would imagine being a therapist’s caseload! As one author put it, 90% of all human suffering is caused by less than 10% of the population. Obviously this is an issue which needs more attention.

As the public has become more aware of the issue of Self-Absorbed People - usually narcissistic, borderline, or sociopathic/antisocial people - the need for specific education and information about the subject has increased. There are many books on the subject and more are needed.

To meet the explicit needs of my clients I recently completed, and I’m now putting the finishing touches on, my book GAMES SELF ABSORBED PEOPLE PLAY.

The specific focus of this book is on the traits, behaviors, and thinking of these groups, not their individual diagnoses, and the effect they have on us. Then I go on to describe the strategies this group of people use to expropriate our lives, and gives the reader the ideas, information and tools to make an informed choice about their lives.

The following sections are excerpts from the book which will hopefully empower you to make more informed choices about your life.